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Configuration pydantic-model ¤

absolute_maximum_map_size: int pydantic-field ¤

This variable is used to intialize the Occupancy grid map.The bigger it is, the more impact it is going to have on the runtime computationHowever, if it is smaller than the actual map, some weird things can happen

enable_autopilot: bool pydantic-field ¤

Enable Antopilot

front_depth_cam: Camera pydantic-field ¤

front_rgb_cam: Camera pydantic-field ¤

json_qr_code_file_path: str pydantic-field ¤

json_waypoint_file_path: str pydantic-field ¤

lqr_config_file_path: str pydantic-field ¤

max_speed: float pydantic-field ¤

maximum speed in which the vehicle can drive at

name: str pydantic-field ¤

Duplicate from Carla Setting. But good to have

num_laps: int pydantic-field ¤

Number of laps to run for

output_data_folder_path: str pydantic-field ¤

pid_config_file_path: str pydantic-field ¤

rear_rgb_cam: Camera pydantic-field ¤

save_sensor_data: bool pydantic-field ¤

show_sensors_data: bool pydantic-field ¤

simple_waypoint_local_planner_config_file_path: str pydantic-field ¤

spawn_point_id: int pydantic-field ¤

Spanning Location ID

target_speed: int pydantic-field ¤

waypoint_file_path: str pydantic-field ¤

__config__ ¤

__json_encoder__(obj) special staticmethod ¤